Nourish your mind: Stress in the workplace

There are over 11 million days that are lost at work each year because of stress at work

Employers now have a legal duty to protect their employees from stress at work.  How and where to start?  The Health and Safety Executive have create the Management Standards and cover six key areas of work design that’s associated with poor health, lower productivity and increased sickness and absence.

These are;

  1. Demands – workload, work patterns and the work environment
  2. Control – how much say does the person have in the way they do their work
  3. Support – assess the support and resources provided by colleagues, line management and the organisation
  4. Relationships – promoting positive working to avoid conflict and working with unacceptable behaviour
  5. Role – do people understand their role within the organisation and ensuring that they do not have conflicting roles and
  6. Change – how organisational change is managed and communicated in the organisation.

The HSE have produced a Management Standards workbook that provides tips, advice and guidance to work through the six key areas to help assess, support and help employees and employers to support and reduce stress and mental illness in the workplace.